Ballina Beverages (Coca Cola)



Ballina Beverages (Coca Cola)


Fergal McGrane Associates



JJ Rhatigan & Company was contracted to complete works over numerous phases at the Ballina Beverage facility. These works included:
  1. The construction of a new high level walkway in the main factory warehouse. This was installed to eliminate the need for pedestrian traffic on the busy warehouse floor which features numerous high speed conveyors and forklift movements. The walkway, which was 120m long when completed, was installed in 20m sections. For the installation, a section of the factory floor was cordoned off. The section was then moved into position using a combination of forklifts and winch hoists. All personnel had MEWP training and used hoists to allow for the safe and efficient installation of the section. The main factory floor remained operational at all times during the works.
  2. The second part of the contract involved the construction of an extension to existing office facilities using modular wall, etc. Again, these works were carried out in a live environment. Mitigation measures for the control of noise and dust had to be implemented and maintained for the duration of the works.
  3. Most recent works involved raising the height of doors in the Gum Room & Room #34. JJ Rhatigan & Company were responsible for building a bubble around the door openings in order to control dust etc.. The works included breaking out old lintel and blockwork and replacing it with a new lintel and blockwork 300mm higher.

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