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Our Approach to Sustainability

Everyone in JJ Rhatigan & Company has a role to play in ensuring that we work towards a better world for the generations to come. Our approach to sustainability is about maximising our environmental, societal and business performance.

Our priorities in each of these areas are to:

  • Create long-term sustainable outcomes
  • Work to the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards
  • Achieve industry leading low-carbon performance
  • Enrich the communities in which we work as a considerate contractor
  • Engage our supply chain and partners in promoting our sustainability agenda.

Sustainability and Our Environment

We have a proven track record in delivering excellence in Sustainability, Environmental, BER, LEED and BREEAM compliance, winning the Sustainable Green Project of the Year two years in a row for Medtronic CIC (2014) and the Life Course Studies Building, NUI Galway (2015).

We are conscious that the construction sector provides valuable infrastructure and employment for communities throughout Ireland and at the same time is resource-heavy and has an impact on local environments. Through our engagement with the local community, our clients, suppliers, professional bodies and regulatory groups we ensure that we take a responsible approach to the environment from an early stage in the project and right through the construction process.

In a practical way we aim to minimise the running costs and impact on the environment of all our projects and business activities through our energy efficient strategies including: Waste recycling, water usage, energy efficiency, emissions and carbon footprint.

Sustainability and Our Society

The nature of our work means that with every project, there is almost always an opportunity to deliver a positive, tangible benefit to the community and local surroundings. Whether we are refitting hospitals to help them provide world-class care, building a new commercial headquarters bringing employment to a community, or providing state-of-the-art facilities to schoolchildren, we feel privileged to be in such a fulfilling business.

We also recognise that, as leaders in our field, we can go the extra mile by really engaging with the communities around us. We do this by:

  • Establishing communication liaison strategies with members of the community so that we can minimise disruption to their daily lives and address any concerns
  • Ensuring that environmental protections are in place and enforced, so that dust and noise are kept to a minimum
  • Creating a caring culture through our charity partnerships and support of local community organisations, schools and businesses
  • Providing safe and healthy workplaces for our employees and our neighbours
  • Keeping sustainability in mind when planning and executing all projects –and continuing to offer support even after projects are delivered
  • Encouraging our employees to actively engage with the local community and act responsibly at all times.

We are continually looking for ways to enrich communities wherever we work, and aim to leave infrastructure that will benefit people for decades to come. Through the jobs that we provide for local people, and the structures that become focal points for communities, we are proud to have made a real impact on people’s lives.