UCC Beaufort Maritime & Energy Research Building



University College Cork


McCullough Mulvin Architects


€12 million

The work comprised of the phased construction and full fit-out of the new Beaufort Maritime and Energy Research Laboratory building and composed of single-storey high volume marine testing hall, associated workshops, and plant room, together with adjoining five storey office building.

Fit-out of the office building included an open plan office accommodation, meeting rooms, administration, canteen, and reception area. Fit-out of the test hall consisted of high-level gantry crane and mobile access platforms also formed part of the work. External works consisted of the construction of separate ancillary sub-station and switch room, internal access road and associated 89 space car park, boundary fence treatment, site signage, and soft landscaping works.

The Beaufort Building was conceived, designed and constructed to the highest sustainable standards, consistent with the function of the building as a world-class center for maritime and energy research. The building is designed and constructed to an exemplary level of thermal insulation and air tightness, reducing both the heating and cooling load on the building. The exposed concrete soffits in the building provide thermal mass to assist in passive cooling of the offices during the day and generous levels of high-performance glazing allow the building to be naturally lit when possible. The orientation of this glazing, primarily to the northern facade, reduces thermal gains, allowing the office spaces to be naturally ventilated.

The electrical and mechanical services also reduce energy demand as much as possible. Low energy, long life light fittings are used throughout and dimmable, intelligent lighting controls ensure that lighting is only operational when required, reducing the lighting load of the building by ca 40-60%. Electric car charging points and bicycle parking, storage and shower facilities are provided as part of UCC’s sustainable transport plan.

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