Lord Edward Street Mixed Use Development



Limerick City & County Council


Newenham Mulligan & Associates


€10.8 million

The work on this project included the construction of 81 housing units within the precinct of the derelict and historic Limerick Tate Clothing Factory site.

These new homes have been built on a brownfield site close to Limerick city centre comprising of 57 units for elderly residents (1 and 2 bed apartments and 2-bed houses) with the remainder (24) being family homes (3 bedroom).

The remaining buildings of the clothing factory have been incorporated into the development for use as apartments and a community centre.

The project included the delicate restoration and conservation work to the existing historical clothing factory. The factory which opened in 1853 became the biggest clothing manufacturer in the world, supplying military uniforms to the British Army, the Canadian Volunteer Militia and to the Confederates in the American Civil War.

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