17.05.2024 / IE News

Reconnect Profile with Senior Contracts Manager Neil Robson

Neil Robson, Senior Contracts Manager tells us about his career reconnection with JJR after a 5-year hiatus.

Q: When did you originally join JJR?

A: I joined JJR in 2018 as a contracts manager with the Dublin operation following more than a decade in the Middle East. At the time, Ireland was well on the road to recovery from the economic crisis and the construction industry was growing rapidly so it was a very exciting time to join the company.

Q: What attracted you back to JJR?

What attracted me to JJR originally was the honesty and integrity of senior leadership; the open door policy and opportunity for direct engagement. I also felt that I could bring my varied experience to the company and really make a difference and I knew I had full support of the senior leadership in doing that.

They remain the same reasons that I returned almost 5 years later!

There is a real connection between staff and senior management- and I think partly that’s down to the size of the business but also, the sentiment of people being at the heart of the company was and continues to be, in my experience, very accurate.

The corporate culture and work environment have been years in the making and there’s a very deliberate effort from management, especially from the CEO Ger Ronayne, to create a diverse and inclusive workplace that is supportive but not controlling; that offers guidance and autonomy as appropriate. It’s trust I suppose, in a word!

Q: What changes have you observed since returning to JJR?

I have to say that the one thing that hasn’t changed much are the people- many of my former colleagues and original team are still with the company! It’s been like a welcome home and I think that says a lot about a company, especially in the current situation where employee retention is more challenging than ever.

JJR has redoubled its efforts in providing structured career growth and development for people, and therefore, I think, holding onto them. I can see that investment in people is a key priority for JJR.

The new structure at JJR is a brilliant move and was a key factor for me in deciding to return to the company. I think it’s a really robust management framework which brings years of experience to the fore and makes for a really strong leadership team; for projects, people and pipeline.

Q: What, would you say, is your most valued aspect of working with JJR?

A: I’m proud to work here… the people, the projects and the integrity of the company – the reputation that’s been built and nurtured for over 70 years gives me pride in where I work.


For more information on how you can reconnect with JJR, please contact Michael Gilmore, Head of Talent at migilmore@jjrhatigan.com.