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LandingZone Fit OutJJ Rhatigan & Company have completed the Upgrade and Fit Out of LandingZone in CHQ, Dublin ahead of Christmas. LandingZone is a pay to play co-working space for seed funded technology start-ups located in Dublin’s iconic CHQ Building, IFSC, Dublin 1. LandingZone engaged with JJ Rhatigan & Company to convert Unit 1a of the CHQ building, formally a retail unit, into a fully working office environment. The construction works included a 13,300 sq. ft unit within CHQ, formerly a Meadows and Byrne Department Store, and required upgrading of all systems from retail to office works, including ventilation systems, lighting systems, general services and fireproofing. It also involved the construction of male, female and disabled access toilets connecting into the existing foul sewer of the CHQ Building. As the client’s brief required that the project be brought online ahead of Christmas, JJ Rhatigan & Company worked to an extremely tight programme to successfully achieve substantial completion on the 19th December meeting all BCAR requirements.