19.10.2015 / UK News

The Colliers Wood Tower Project moves to Fit-Out Stage

Colliers Wood TowerThe Colliers Wood Tower has moved from the structural alteration stage of the works to the fit-out stage. JJ Rhatigan & Company has recently commenced the internal 1st fix works. These are the internal operations that are resistant to the elements and can therefore be carried out before the building is fully weather sealed. To facilitate these works, goods and passenger hoists have been erected; these are the red gated assemblies running up the South face of the tower. In conjunction with this, JJ Rhatigan & Company has also commenced the erection of the curtain walling. At the moment, the test panel is being erected; this is a relatively large panel, located on the upper floors on the NE Corner of the building. It will cover 3 floors and run from mid-way on the North elevation to the mid-way along the East elevation. This panel is being erected to allow the company to carry out performance tests on the curtain walling system. The test panel will be complete in early October, to then commence the installation of the main curtain walling shortly after that.