17.05.2016 / UK News

JJ Rhatigan first Irish-owned Contractor to invest in Autodesk BIM 360 Licence

JJ Rhatigan & Company are proud to be the first and only Irish-owned Contractor to invest in Autodesk BIM 360 Enterprise Licence in Ireland.
In order to achieve full integration and collaboration on our projects the investment in the BIM 360 Enterprise Licence was essential to our BIM success. Staying true to our commitment to lead the way in BIM, JJ Rhatigan & Company is the first and only Irish-owned company to have made such an investment. The cloud-based software allows all project team members access to all of the BIM 360 Software applications, improving collaboration, communication with the client and speeding up the decision making process throughout the project.
To further enhance the company’s BIM capability, JJ Rhatigan & Company is delighted to announce their recent investment in 20 DS-205i Robotic Total Stations from Topcon. The machine integrates excellently with the Autodesk BIM 360 Point Layout software App on the iPad. All our managerial staff including Contracts Manager, Project Managers and Engineers have company iPads, and these are used for the BIM 360 Software, allowing the models to be viewed on site. The App allows Engineers to bring the 3D model to the field. These Total stations can be set up remotely by the JJR team, saving time and enabling data collected on site to be fed directly into BIM 3D models in real time. This ensures that computer models for the company’s projects are constantly updated and our Engineers are always working from the latest information.
“This investment with Topcon signifies a big step for us in embedding BIM across our business, and shows JJ Rhatigan & Company’s commitment to adding the most up to date and innovative surveying equipment to our plant fleet” commented Sean Rhatigan, Purchasing Director, JJ Rhatigan & Company. JJ Rhatigan & Company is currently using BIM in 34 projects, to date, in both the private and public sectors. Ger Ronayne, Regional Director, JJ Rhatigan & Company said, “In order to deliver more efficiency to our clients and projects, we will continue to explore opportunities to innovate through Autodesk’s software and BIM processes. Although we don’t currently have a mandate in place in Ireland, we view BIM as a key enabler for delivering on our promise of ‘Setting Standards’ in the speed and quality of our construction”.
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