Scott Building, Tullamore General Hospital




Todd Architects



The project involved the refurbishment of the existing Scott Building of 5,800m² over 4 storeys. The building is a protected structure.

The following accommodation was provided within an existing building:

  • Mental Health Centre and associated workshops and supports including the Mental Health Sector Headquarters
  • Office Accommodation and Meeting Rooms for Administration staff
  • Education and Training Centre
  • On-Call and Office Accommodation for Hospital Management and staff.

The works also comprised full new Mechanical and Electrical installations including works on a new Data Centre, new roof finishes to the existing building, new external glazing, replacement of asbestos cladding panels with suitable alternative cladding, construction of new car parking facilities on site, installation of a signalised junction on Arden Road together with all associated site works and services.

Specific Works on the Data Centre:

JJ Rhatigan & Company was responsible for the supply, installation and commissioning of the new Date Centre which included Raised Access flooring, Close Control air conditioning system, Fire Suppression Systems, Cat6A date networks system and Optical Fibre network System. The Close Control unit was supplied complete with single point power connection, isolator and starter suitable for sub mains power cable. The unit recirculates air in the room at high levels and supply controlled conditioned air through the floor void and floor grilles located down the centre of the data centre’s cold aidles. The room needed to be maintained at 21 deg C +/- 2 deg C at 40 to 60% relative humidity.

JJ Rhatigan and Company also supplied and installed a fire suppression system in the Data Centre.

Within the building, fibre optic cables were installed to link the active network equipment in each local IT room to the main Data Centres to form the LAN backbone. The cables were terminated in 2 way optical fibre patch panels mounted in each of the cabinets in line with the spec. The raised access flooring is fully compliant with the heavy grade requirements of the PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU specification.

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