11.06.2020 / Main Category

Residential Care Centre, St. Patrick’s Hospital, Waterford

New and existing residents were recently welcomed into their new home at St. Patrick’s Hospital in Waterford. The purpose-built Residential Care Centre was developed on a site adjacent to the existing St. Patrick’s Hospital and comprises of 2 households of 30 beds and 2 households of 20 beds, some of which replace existing accommodation provided in St. Patrick’s Hospital and in St. Aidan’s Ward, on the grounds of the nearby St. Otteran’s Hospital.

The new building includes a glazed link corridor to the main hospital, a patient roof terrace, a production kitchen and related community spaces. As part of the development, the Mortuary Building, a protected structure, was refurbished internally and externally, to form a new main entrance and foyer for the hospital and the new residential care unit.

This recently completed building is a fantastic new home for residents and work environment for the staff and boasts the finest facilities of its kind in the country.

We would like acknowledge the enormous efforts made by our JJ Rhatigan project team, our subcontractors, our design team and our client the HSE in the completion of this Residential Care Centre. It brings about an enhanced service in a state-of-the-art healthcare facility for the communities in the Southeast.