27.01.2020 / Main Category

National Forensic Mental Health Hospital is nearing completion

The construction of The National Forensic Mental Health Services Hospital, is a €120 million+ contract for the HSE. This state-of-the-art facility will replace the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum and the new campus will facilitate segregated high and medium secure services including a number of shared facilities.

The works at the National Forensic Mental Health Hospital (NFMHSH) facility in Portrane, North Dublin is nearing completion with T&C, snagging and demonstrations ongoing across the inpatient buildings within the campus.

The focus for the remainder of the project is to continue to progress with the completion of hard and soft landscaping, street furniture as well as the completion of the administrative and primary healthcare buildings and system integrations.

The finished facility will include 13 hospital wards, a primary healthcare, a therapy centre and an administrative complex.