02.03.2017 / UK News

JJ Rhatigan & Company driving Safety Behavioural Change

“Everyone has the right to go home safe from work every day, yet workplace incidents still happen. Creating and sustaining a culture of safety takes continuous effort” according to Annette Tierney, theatre-based learning specialist of Theatre at Work. JJ Rhatigan and Company understands the importance of continuous safety training and ensuring safety remains a priority across our business every day. Exploring the human factors involved in workplace safety is key and in continuing to embrace the Behavioural Safety element of our overall management of safety, JJ Rhatigan & Company has recently engaged the services of Theatre at Work to provide a real catalyst for change within our organisation. Using safety plays as live, interactive case-studies illustrates how even the smallest action, or inaction, can have the greatest impact when it comes to safety at work.
The purpose of this programme is to challenge all of our teams to question our current beliefs, attitudes and behaviours towards our own safety and the safety of others on site. Themes including responsibility, risk perception, culture and safety interventions were highlighted and discussed. Over 120 site staff attended the programme on the 27th February 2017, running over two sessions. Using a safety play called “The Mousehole”, which involved an interactive theatrical re-enactment of a real-life fatality on an off-shore oil rig, our teams learned how even the smallest actions can have major consequences when it comes to workplace safety.
Everyone can influence safety on site. By embracing this programme, we would like to think we can help to change the mind-set of those working with us. The participation within the programme was very encouraging and we are confident that it will greatly promote the safety conversation and enhance the Safety Culture at JJ Rhatigan & Company.
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