21.05.2019 / IE News

Committed to precision delivery

Trinity Business School truly was a complex project. As the main contractor, JJ Rhatigan brought a confidence and a deep level of experience to this city centre development.

The collaborative approach taken from the outset was key to this project’s delivery and reflects the mutual respect and trust we enjoy with our client, Trinity College Dublin, our project design partners, subcontractors and suppliers, together with Dublin City Council, city transport authorities and Irish Rail.

The city centre location was a significant challenge and demanded a ‘Just in Time’ approach to all materials and equipment delivered on site. From the installation of 12 ton beams within the 600 seater auditorium, involving meticulous traffic management, to the precision engineering required to fit the multi-storey helical staircase, all construction was carried out with relatively little disruption to the day-to-day campus life of Trinity College Dublin.

As a registered Heritage Contractor, we managed and delivered the specialist conservation and restoration skills required to breath new life into the protected buildings of the original streetscape. Another distinguishing success on the project was the Living Wall system bringing nature into this urban landscape.

With over 200 construction workers on site at the peak of construction, our site became a centre of learning for our young graduate engineers who have benefited from the experienced, senior members of our team.

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